Honeywell Organic Vapor & Particulate Filter Assembly (2-Pack)


Replacement Honeywell Organic Vapor Cartridge/ Filter with Particulate Screen & Plastic Cover (2-Pack)

Assembly Includes:

  • Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter (2-Pack)
  • Honeywell Non-Oil Based Particulate N95 Screen (10-Pack)
  • Honeywell Filter Cover (2-Pack)

Can be used with both Half and Full Face Respirators



Honeywell Organic Vapor/Particulate Replacement Filter Assembly (2-Pack)

The Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter with Particulate Screen and Plastic Cover is a highly versatile and reliable respiratory protection device designed to provide comprehensive defense against organic vapors, particulate matter, and other airborne contaminants. It offers enhanced safety and protection in environments where exposure to multiple hazards is a concern.

The filter features a combination of three key components: an activated carbon media for organic vapor filtration, a particulate screen for capturing solid particles, and a durable plastic cover for added protection and longevity.

The activated carbon media is specifically designed to effectively adsorb and remove organic vapors, such as solvents, fumes, and chemical byproducts, from the surrounding air. It has a high affinity for organic compounds and provides a large surface area for maximum adsorption capacity and extended filter life.

The N95 particulate screen, made of high-quality materials, acts as a physical barrier to capture and trap solid particles, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants. It helps prevent these particles from entering the respiratory system and ensures cleaner and safer breathing air.

To further enhance durability and protection, this Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter Assembly comes with a plastic cover. This cover serves as a shield, safeguarding the filter against physical damage, moisture, and other environmental factors that could potentially compromise its effectiveness. The plastic cover also helps prolong the filter’s lifespan, ensuring consistent performance over an extended period.

The filter is typically designed to be compatible with both half-face or full-face masks. The plastic cover is securely attached to the filter, providing a tight seal and preventing any contaminants from bypassing the filtration system.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for proper installation, usage, and replacement of the Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter with Particulate Screen and Plastic Cover. Regular inspection and maintenance of the filter and its components are essential to ensure optimal performance and ongoing protection.

Overall, this Honeywell filter provides a comprehensive solution for individuals working in industries or occupations where exposure to organic vapors and solid particles is a concern. It offers reliable and efficient respiratory protection, contributing to the safety and well-being of the wearer in potentially hazardous environments.

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