Need Refractory Repairs?

Need Refractory Repairs

The Importance of Refractory Repairs and the Professional Service Provided by B&L Cremation Systems


In the world of cremation, the efficiency and longevity of the equipment play a crucial role in the smooth operation of a crematory. One of the key components of this equipment is the refractory material, which is designed to withstand and contain the intense heat required for cremation1. Over time, even the most sophisticated refractory materials wear out and need to be replaced1. This is where the professional services of companies like B&L Cremation Systems come into play2.

The Role of Refractory Materials in Cremation Equipment

Refractory materials are substances that are resistant to heat1. They are used in cremation equipment to keep the intense heat required for cremation contained within the chambers1. Additionally, they also retain as much heat as is safely possible to aid in subsequent cremations, saving fuel1.

The refractory floor or hearth is subject not only to the intense heat of cremation, but also to the abrasion of sweeping and cleaning out cremated remains after every cremation1. It’s typical for the floor to be the first, and most common, area that is replaced in a cremator1.

The Importance of Professional Refractory Repairs

Refractory repairs are a necessary and expensive part of operating a crematory1. The lifespan of the refractory floor in a cremator can range anywhere from one thousand to five thousand cremations1. So much of the lifespan depends on the design of the units and the materials that are used1.

When it comes to refractory repairs, professional service is of utmost importance. This is where B&L Cremation Systems shines. They understand that maintaining the integrity of crematory equipment is crucial for efficient operations2.

B&L Cremation Systems: A Leader in Professional Service

B&L Cremation Systems is a world leader in the manufacturing of human and animal cremation equipment3. Their factory-trained refractory technicians specialize in repairs for all makes and models of cremation retorts2. Their services include:


In conclusion, the importance of refractory repairs in the operation of a crematory cannot be overstated. It is a necessary part of maintaining the efficiency and longevity of the cremation equipment. Companies like B&L Cremation Systems provide professional service in this regard, ensuring that the crematory equipment operates at its best at all times2. For more information about their services, you can visit their website3.

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