Honeywell Organic Vapor Replacement Filters (2-Pack)


Replacement Organic Vapor Filters for Full Face & Half Face Respirators (2-Pack)

Cartridge/Filter ONLY

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Replacement Honeywell Organic Vapor Cartridges/Filter for Half or Full Face Respirators (2-Pack)

  • N75001L Filter is Approved for use against organic vapors

The Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter is a high-quality respiratory protection device designed to effectively filter and remove organic vapors from the air. It is commonly used in various industrial settings where workers may be exposed to hazardous organic compounds.

The Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter features a compact, lightweight design that allows for easy integration with compatible respirators, such Half Face or Full Face Respirators.

Inside the filter, there is a specially formulated activated carbon media. This activated carbon has a high affinity for organic compounds, enabling it to effectively adsorb and trap a wide range of organic vapors. The media is designed for maximum adsorption capacity and extended filter life.

Honeywell ensures that their organic vapor filters meet or exceed industry standards for respiratory protection. These filters undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure their performance and reliability. They are designed to provide low breathing resistance, allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably while still maintaining a high level of filtration efficiency.

The Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter is equipped with a threaded connection or bayonet-style attachment, making it easy to securely attach and replace the filter on compatible respirators. Honeywell typically provides clear instructions and guidelines on how to properly install and replace the filter to ensure optimal protection.

It is important to note that the Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter is specifically designed for organic vapor protection and may not be suitable for filtering other types of airborne contaminants. It is crucial to assess the specific hazards present in the environment and select the appropriate filter or respiratory protection equipment accordingly.

Overall, the Honeywell Organic Vapor Filter is a reliable and effective solution for individuals working in industries where exposure to organic vapors is a concern. It provides an added layer of protection to help ensure the respiratory safety and well-being of workers in potentially hazardous environments.


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